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Welcome to Sindibad Laundry

We offer all kinds of steam ironing and dry washing services for all kinds of clothes, upholstery, blankets and carpets of all kinds with the latest types of equipment

We changed the concept of laundries with the latest Italian equipment, ironing and drying clothes and furniture with a different concept.

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Abdullah Mohamed

Sindibad founder

Why did you choose us?

We specialize in cleaning suede, leather, precious apparel and wedding dresses, and we will always give you sound and honest advice.

Reasonable prices

Dry and professional cleaning of Abayas and Kandora at affordable prices.

Best value for your money

Dry cleaning: : suits, shirt, abaya, sheila, dresses, pants, jackets, sweaters

Dry washing

We use the latest methods in the process of cleaning clothes and textiles using organic solvents instead of water.

free delivery

We have a free pick-up and delivery of your clothes to and from your homes! call now. Request a delivery today

You can contact us to get the excellent service

Our company has permanent programs to develop the work system, and refine the skills of employees to keep pace with the best and latest technologies in the world of cleaning in the world to live up to the expectations and satisfaction of our customers